Thursday, February 23, 2006

Where did February go?

So my life is a little busy/crazy/stressful right now. It seems like everything in my life is due by February 28:

  • PO Project - Finish and analyze TRF patterns for The Boss so he can justify the grant money for a project. (Note: We STILL have contamination in our PCRs – I hate TRFs).
  • IDF Abstract - Complete preliminary 2D gels (which I have never run before, so I have to track down a professor in Biology who doesn’t return emails or phone calls - I have turned into a stalker to track him down).
  • Symposium – Completely boring and a waste of time for me! I do think I get to skip it this year per The Boss. I’m sorry S that you still have to go…
  • Industry Visit – Important people are coming (including the elusive B) so we must clean and be on our best behavior.

No wonder I’m at the lab until 1 am every night, the house is a mess, and I am only able to function on minimal sleep due to Starbucks (I LOVE Starbucks). I vote we make February have 31 days, who’s with me!


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