Wednesday, September 06, 2006

I Heart SF

I did it! Instead of working over the holiday weekend, I decided to ignore the large amount of work sitting on my desk and drive up to SF with S and K. Unfortunately the mapquest directions I printed were WRONG! Mapquest had me making left turns which were not allowed. After a map purchase we found our hotel in Union Square and got to start enjoying the long weekend full of eating, drinking, spa treatments and of course, shopping! On Sunday we had lunch at the Embarcadero and shopping at Union Square, where I got the vase I had been wanting and K helped me pick out a new ring. I am shocked to say I was too tired for clothes shopping due to the very large crowd factor. Then on Monday we went over to the Wharf and I remembered how much I dislike the place due to MASSES of people. Luckily we went over to Oakland (up and over the Golden Gate and Richmond bridges since the Bay Bridge was closed all weekend!) for a friend's BBQ, so I was able to relax after the crazy afternoon and have a good end to the weekend.


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