Saturday, January 13, 2007

Date Night

With Ben's traveling on hold for the immediate future, we are able to enjoy traditional couple weekend activities enter Date Night! We were able to meet up with friends for yummy sushi Thursday night, but last night I was thinking I wanted to see a movie. The lack of options at the theatre in town helped us quickly reach the decision of a rental and homemade snack. I quickly made a bowl of Puppy Chow when I got home and Ben picked up some movies on his way home. We settled in to a quiet night with Mission Impossible III. It definitely wasn't great (as Ben said "Tom Cruise is no Jason Bourne") but it was partially located in Shanghai so we got to re-live part of our China adventure! Nothing in the movie took place in the hotel where we stayed, but the action was in the same area so it was familiar and we could see our tower in the background. I am looking forward to Monday when we have Movie Date Night Part II with All the Kings Men.


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