Sunday, May 20, 2007

On the road again....

This week has gone by so fast! It is hard to get back into a good routine when you have just returned from a trip and are leaving for another one shortly (heading out today to a week-long conference in Toronto). Ben laughs at my whining as this is what he does on a consistent basis. A big positive note is that I did get back into my gym routine (yay for me!) that was majorly thrown off due to all of the traveling. Also, Ben and I for the first time took a very nice evening walk instead of driving to downtown Paso to see the Spiderman 3 movie on Friday night. This healthy activity (and Jesse's great results at Wildflower) had me pack my gym clothes as well (look at me go - working out on the road)! Thinking back on my week, I also did squeeze in some good social time (Tuesday Night Bunko, lunches, and parties) so it was a fast but great week!

Update - Well I made it to Toronto after the 5-hour flight from hell. I was sitting in front of a mother with two very ill-behaved children and was subjected to (along with everyone else in the area) screaming, squealing, and kicking. Luckily the situation became much better due to earplugs, a seat change immediately after takeoff, and the first 3.5 episodes of Footballer's Wives - Season 2 on Sal's portable DVD player!


At 8:06 AM, Blogger Jesse Englert said...

Go Andrea! Glad to be of motivational service :-)


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