Tuesday, May 20, 2008

4-H: It's Still A Thing

Emily and Scott watched a Simpsons episode a few weeks ago that had Bart in a 4-H Club, and thought I should check it out since I did that whole thing for 9 years (yeah I was a total nerd). I was laughing a lot remembering the good times, crazy uniforms, and rituals (I want to point out that Emily and I remembered the pledge - Rachel & Heather, remember too?). If you want to watch the episode, it is on the Fox website and is titled "Apocalypse Cow".

Update: As promised, here are some old pictures of us looking AMAZING in the sweet 4-H uniforms! Unfortunately I don't have any pictures of Rachel, but I'm working on that (hint, hint Rachel)!


At 4:17 PM, Blogger Nik and Rachel said...

Lol...um the pledge....something about as a true 4H member, pledging my heart to something, my hands to healing or something, my head to understanding or something,...I don't know. Hands, head, heart, health. Those are the four H's right?

about that picture...I don't think I have any here. But there might be one at Mom and Dad's house.


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