Sunday, June 08, 2008

All About the Bling

Last weekend, Ben and I made a quick trip up to SF to find a wedding band for me. (Yep 3 months after the big day, we are total slackers!) I just didn't like the wedding band used in the ceremony. It was purchased rather quickly with no time to change it, so I went with it for the ceremony knowing I could fix it later.

I was having a hard time finding something to work with my engagement ring, but I saw some celebration rings on the Tiffany website that looked interesting so our first stop was there. The sales associate was absolutely awful - rude and not helpful! I understand how tough it is at the SF store since they have to deal with tourists just "window shopping", but you are still involved in sales and should always be polite. I think for the future I'll stick to shopping at the Walnut Creek and Palo Alto stores where I have always had wonderful service.

Anyways, nothing worked at Tiffany so we were off to Cartier. Again no luck, so we moved on to Bvlgari (which we both thought wouldn't have anything judging from the website). The service was amazing! I was really hoping to get personal assistance and recommendations on bands to complement my engagement ring, and the first ring John suggested was perfect. Ben and I wanted to think about it (we didn't want to rush into another mistake again) so we went to a few more jewelry stores in Union Square. Nothing was right like the Bvlgari ring, so we went back before the store closed and made the purchase! We both love the ring, the rings together, and the experience. We are so happy and can't stop admiring my left hand!


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