Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Andrea's Faves in Concert

It's Fair time! WooHoo!

Ben and I walked down the hill for opening day of the Fair last Wednesday night. Of course I was eagerly awaiting the crappy, deep-fried food (yummy goodness) and immediately went straight for it after entering the fairgrounds. I started with a hot dog that Ben thought looked disgusting (he should talk, he had a Polish dog on a stick!) but was very good. We moved on to sharing a large Diet Pepsi and french fries. I wanted dessert for the concert, so we got a deep-fried Snickers and cotton candy. Yeah it was a awesome dinner that I enjoy once a year!

The concert was great! Colbie Caillat was good and I knew most of her songs since the radio plays them all. the. time. John Mayer was great! I actually leaned over to Ben and said "I am giddy" when the lights dimmed and he came on stage. Ben also admitted that he had a good time too and enjoyed John Mayer (he was impressed with his guitar skills). He was also pleasantly surprised that we were not surround by screaming teenage girls (they were all in the high dollar tickets near the stage). Official details and photos can be found here.
Since I was lovin' the show, I also got a cute shirt to add to my rock t-shirt collection!


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