Sunday, February 26, 2006

Mardi Gras, SLO Style

Just incase you didn't get the sign on your door, read or watch the news, or even talk to people, the over-excessive amount of cops throughout San Luis Obispo this weekend made sure you knew "The Party Is Still Over". I got a good laugh as I drove home Friday and Saturday night and saw the "command station" at Santa Rosa Park, the 10 CHP officers at Foothill/California, and 10 more infront of Campus Bottle standing in a line infront of their cars. I wanted to get a picture of the $350k worth of security SLO spent, but I figured in good SLO fashion they would arrest me on some made-up charge. One benefit - I was able to speed up to Paso in 20 minutes without a single worry (or sight of a cop) as I realized all the CHP was in SLO and not watching 101!


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