Friday, April 14, 2006

The Great 2006 Eggstravaganza

S decided we all had been working too hard and needed a fun distraction so he planned an Easter Egg Hunt in the labs at work. It was quite competitive, which pretty much left K, J, and I at a disadvantage. ER got the most eggs (10), E found the prize egg (She got a gift box from Sees -- the place that yesterday I surrendered to temptation and purchased some chocolates, I promise to start eating better tomorrow), and I found the last egg (green egg on a green box under a lab bench - we are searching for it in the above picture and you can see the green box in the bottom right corner)! It definately felt good to be a kid again, even if only for a few minutes.

In work news, I think I may have solved a problem I have been working on. An enzyme digestion I was doing on some cow genomic DNA samples was coming out with an extra band I didn't want (an incomplete digestion). I figured out that when I randomly selected cows, I only selected ones heterozygous for the specific gene (I have no idea what the chances of that are statistically and currently am too tired to figure it out). I am now thinking that those homozygous for the specific gene will come out with the correct bands. I promise to post a pretty picture on Sunday if it works.


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