Friday, April 14, 2006

The Great 2006 Eggstravaganza

S decided we all had been working too hard and needed a fun distraction so he planned an Easter Egg Hunt in the labs at work. It was quite competitive, which pretty much left K, J, and I at a disadvantage. ER got the most eggs (10), E found the prize egg (She got a gift box from Sees -- the place that yesterday I surrendered to temptation and purchased some chocolates, I promise to start eating better tomorrow), and I found the last egg (green egg on a green box under a lab bench - we are searching for it in the above picture and you can see the green box in the bottom right corner)! It definately felt good to be a kid again, even if only for a few minutes.

In work news, I think I may have solved a problem I have been working on. An enzyme digestion I was doing on some cow genomic DNA samples was coming out with an extra band I didn't want (an incomplete digestion). I figured out that when I randomly selected cows, I only selected ones heterozygous for the specific gene (I have no idea what the chances of that are statistically and currently am too tired to figure it out). I am now thinking that those homozygous for the specific gene will come out with the correct bands. I promise to post a pretty picture on Sunday if it works.


At 5:19 PM, Blogger beckyhawk said...

Andrea, I must say -- I do believe you are a complete scientific genius. The fact that you can even write about homozygous cows' DNA is amazing, but then to understand and manipulate it is simply phenomenal. When are you and Ben coming to visit??? -- I promise to split some See's candy with you! It'd be sweet.

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