Saturday, June 17, 2006

Road Trip - Day 3

Here we are in beautiful Red Rock Country, home to Arches National Park. It is such a contrast to the Central Coast and even Zion. It is extremely hot and dry with no shade, so while we were filling up with gas I noticed an outdoor gear store next door and decided to go and see if they had any good hats. We decided to get cool Indiana Jones-type hats that we noticed everyone wearing at Zion and they definitely saved us (I would have been the nice color of a tomato if I didn't get one), not to mention we look SO cool!Today's hiking was filled with excursions in over 100 degree heat to large arches and beautiful rocks (pictured below is Emily climbing into Turret Arch). Even though we were hot, tired, and sticky due to the sunscreen, we kept going and saw beautiful sites and got our shoes covered in the red clay dirt. There were signs everywhere reminding you to drink water and we figured out that we drank over a gallon of water each!Our plan for the evening was to drive the four hours into Eagle, Colorado which meant we were going to cross the Colorado state line.We were hoping there was going to be a big sign and there was! Since we were the only people on the freeway we quickly pulled over and took a picture of Emily in front of the sign. This is her new state for the next 2-3 months.


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