Saturday, June 03, 2006

No Crabs Allowed

After L's "Good-bye Work Happy Hour" at The Cliffs (I do like their happy hour and free taco bar), a small group of us headed over to the Cracked Crab for dinner since we were already in Pismo. I was shocked at how expensive it has gotten - $60 for the 2-person bucket (it use to be only $40), so we split a bucket amongst 5 people giving us an ok amount of food. The place still has the fun atmosphere where they tie a plastic bib around you, give you "utensils of destruction" and dump a bucket of yummy crab on the table, but definitely has become focused on the tourist dollar instead of the local dollar. Since the dinner made us all broke, we enjoyed cheap drinks at the Gaslight Lounge (the local dive bar in SLO) which really isn't my place but I still had a good time.


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