Tuesday, May 16, 2006

The BIG Decisions

Everyone has points in their life when you need to make a really big, important decision. A decision so big that you worry that you will have future regrets if you make the wrong choice. My friends and I are all facing a pretty big one at the same time - the future. I am dealing with a wide variety of choices on what to do in a couple of months (more school, jobs, fields of work, location, etc.) and have never felt as nervous about a decision before. I knew this was coming but the procrastinator in me was hoping to avoid it as long as possible. This suddenly all came up as I had a meeting with my advisor. He asked my plans after graduation and I expressed some interest in staying in the area and working. This bothered him as originally I had planned to go on to a PhD program somewhere. We discussed the options and his worry that I will have regrets if I don't get my PhD. What has freaked me out is that he ended it with a desire for a decision tomorrow so that we could start networking (either for a job or a graduate program). It is an uncomfortable thought that I have to figure out my immediate future within 24 hours!


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