Friday, May 12, 2006

3 signatures...priceless

My mission today - track down 3 committee members to get signatures on a form and turn in the paperwork to the Dean's office before they close at 5pm. It sounds easy, but I knew having to deal with busy professors is never easy. The two I was most worried about happened rather quickly to my surprise, but the one who works in my building turned into the problem. It took 3 hours of waiting around doing nothing to catch him for 5 minutes, but my lurking was beneficial as he left right after I got the signature. On the good side I got all of the needed paperwork in for me to walk in the June graduation ceremony to the Dean's office at 4:40pm. Nothing like leaving it to the last minute - one month to the ceremony! Now it is just up to Evaluations to process it fast enough for me to be able to purchase the cap and gown at the end of May...I'm crossing my fingers.


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