Saturday, April 22, 2006

The future Dr. and Mr. Friend

Two friends (J and SC) got engaged last Sunday night, so we decided to throw them a surprise engagement party while J's sister was down visiting for the weekend. I was given the task of obtaining the sister's phone number (I felt very Mission Impossible) to get her help in coordinating everything. It was a little tough as some people in J's phone are labeled by nicknames, but I got it. There was only one small problem -- I copied the number down wrong! Luckily we made an excuse to stop by their house Thursday night and K and I pretended to be very interested in her phone and got the correct number (I was only off by one number). Anyways, I think I am fired from any future Mission Impossible work.

Then on Friday afternoon K, S, E, and I had so much fun running around getting all the supplies for the party. We felt so guilty for going out and not inviting J, but we figured all would be forgiven in a few hours. The highlight of the planning was the Burger King crowns being successfully converted into a Groom-to-be crown and Bride-to-be tiara via E's amazing craft skills. After the surprise and small party at K's, we continued the party downtown at Frog & Peach to allow the happy couple the opportunity to be royalty for the evening and continue to have a great time. As the above picture shows, a very cute couple. We are all so happy for them and can't wait for the wedding!


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