Sunday, May 07, 2006

The oaks rule el Paso de Robles

I ventured out of my indoor prison because I felt better and I couldn't stand being inside on such a beautiful weekend anymore. Sitting for four days left my car covered in tree sap and little branches from the large oak tree, not pretty. I didn't realize how bad it was until I was driving and when I tried to clean my windshield it just smeared. This gave me a flashback of an o-chem lab when something bubbled over and got all over my goggles. Usually I didn't make a mess, just broke everything (future students should really thank me for supplying them with brand new glassware), but I was definitely having an "off day". I thought I had cleaned them well enough and put them back in my drawer, but at the next lab I found them frosted over with this dry white substance that couldn't be removed. I figured I could still see a little bit and would just make it though this one lab and the buy some more after class. My professor walked over and took one look at me with dirty goggles smiled, shook his head and pulled out a new pair of goggles for me from his desk. I guess he always had a spare for the klutzy students. It was that day I knew I was not meant to be an organic chemist.

So, I enjoyed my day of errands, including $3.49/gallon gas (I promise to post a picture if and when I buy $4 gas) and a visit to the carwash leaving my car now sitting covered in the driveway. I am determined that there will be no more morning surprises from the oak tree.


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