Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Happy 4th of July

My friends and I had a traditional 4th of July, basically a BBQ and fireworks! I was excited, not for the BBQ as I have had that in the past, but for fireworks (only sparklers, but those still count)! I actually had never experienced playing with fireworks as I am from suburbia where they are illegal (it is ironic that they are ok in the country, where there are many acres of dead grass and crops that can burn very easily, but whatever). So Ben and I purchased many boxes of sparklers from the stand in Templeton and brought them (illegally) to SLO for us to all enjoy.
[On a side note - firework names are very confusing: Boston Tea Party, War Birds, etc. so we had a hard time just figuring out what were sparklers. Then on top of that I was informed by K and E to get the ones with paper and ribbons, not those just dipped in explosive material. Luckily they only sold one type of sparkler and it had a paper and ribbon starter so I was safe.]
I do think my friends got some of their amusement at watching a 25-year old who had never held a sparkler before, and I got to experience a true 4th of July.
Happy Independence Day!


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