Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Counting Down....7 hours to sleep!

What a crazy day, and it's not even over yet! Ben and I have been sitting at our "laptop command center" in the Starbucks next to the Hotel Nikko in Union Square for the last two hours recovering from our day and preparing for the rest. We need to kill time until I have my "geniuses" appointment at the SF Mac Store in regards to my broken iPod, and then until our flight back to SLO later tonight. (I am waiting until I have my appointment at the SF Mac Store before I decide if I now HATE Mac. This afternoon was a very bad experience at the Walnut Creek store, but I will refrain from judgment for now - everyone deserves a second chance.) We are both slightly delirious due to our lack of sleep (we both woke up at 4am Calgary time) in order to make our very early flight. We decided to do a long layover in SF in order to get our visas for China taking advantage of their one-day rush processing. Well apparently the one-day rush processing is only for emergency situations, and we do not qualify. So looks like we will be coming back to this great city in a few days, and currently get to enjoy hanging out here ALL day with our VERY heavy carry-ons!


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