Monday, June 04, 2007

40 Hours in the Twin Cities

Ben and I enjoyed a great time in Minneapolis attending Alex & Kaitlin's wedding at the McNamara Alumni Center. I was impressed with the architecture of the building and how it gave you a feel of being outdoors, which was beneficial as there was a large thunderstorm Saturday night. The ceremony was beautiful and we caught up with old friends during the reception. We were just having too much fun to remember to take out the camera and snap a few pictures. I do remember one funny moment Ben and I shared:

Two girls take the microphone during one of the bands breaks and start mumbling something about a song they use to all listen and sing too...blah...blah....
Me: "Five bucks says its Like A Prayer by Madonna."
Ben: "Nah."
Girls: "Life is a mystery. Everyone must stand alone. I hear you call my name and it feels like home..."
Me (with my hand out): "You owe my five bucks."
Ben: "Huh?"
Girls: "When you call me name it's like a little prayer..."
Ben: *laughing* "Ahhh... What is it with that song?!"
Me (still with my hand out): *smiles* "It's a girl thing!"
I love our little jokes, and in case you were wondering, Ben did give me $20 for an airport food purchase so I consider the bet paid.

Before we flew out late Sunday afternoon, we made a stop in St. Paul for a fun visit with all of Ben's Minnesota relatives, making our quick weekend visit to the Twin Cities complete!


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