Monday, September 17, 2007

Busy, Busy Weekend

I survived the Cheese Course and ran around Friday morning in preparation to leave in the early afternoon with Ben and Jesse for the concert up in Concord, and it was worth it! Alice in Chains gave a great show and Velvet Revolver's was even better! It was quite a mix of the generations, which was definitely evident with the mix of cell phone lights and lighters being held up during the ballads. I am happy to say my hearing is now back and I really enjoyed my first rock concert! This experience has really increased my excitement for the Bridge School Concert at the end of October - I can't wait!Saturday morning was spent having breakfast with Ben's parents, and then we quickly hit a few stores in Walnut Creek (purchased two nice looking bar stools) before heading down to Menlo Park to have a nice lunch with Alex and Kaitlin. It was great to catch up outside over some yummy salad and enjoy the cute downtown in such wonderful weather. We made two more stops at Crate & Barrel and Ikea, where we picked up a very lovely wine cabinet and Jesse got a nice bed frame before making it back to Paso late that night.

I slept in on Sunday (I was very behind on my sleep) and made it down to SLO just in time to have lunch with my mom and sister at Natural Cafe. My sister and I had eaten here earlier in the week and I just love their fresh, natural approach to food.

The weekend was finished off doing what I usually do - working!


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