Wednesday, July 11, 2007

"dah dun, dah dun..."

Ben and I haven’t disappeared and unfortunately are not on vacation, we are just really busy with life. I have so much going on at work (yay for overtime!) and Ben has been spending a lot of time in Oklahoma field testing a new product. We have also spent a lot of our free weekends trying to get the house organized and ready for all of the new furniture we plan to purchase in the next few months. With the dining room complete, Ben is now starting to focus on the next big house project - completely re-doing the backyard!

We did managed to go out and have some fun last night at Fremont Theatre's Classic Movie Night. It was Jaws and the theatre was full! I had never seen the movie before, so I enjoyed being able to watch it for the first time on the big screen with the original print - just like it would have been in 1975!


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