Monday, June 04, 2007

Threadless Sale!

So I was wandering around on the blogsphere this afternoon and came across this site that mentioned Threadless was having a $10 sale that was ending on June 3rd. I looked at the calendar and my heart sank as I saw it was June 4th. I decided to go check it out anyway and - woohoo - they kept the sale going through today! I got 5 great shirts (1975, maple walnut, poet-trees, outdoor mix, and carbon) that will match perfectly with cute skirts and capris this summer, and even Ben had time to find a shirt he likes. Unfortunately I did miss their contest, which I would have loved to enter, as I always seem to wear a Threadless t-shirt atleast once during a trip (I even got engaged in one!).

Did I mention Victoria's Secret was having their semi-annual sale? After Emily and I go to the downtown SLO store this week (and today's t-shirt purchase), I am going to be so broke!


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