Monday, October 01, 2007

Weekend Summary

The Genetic Analyzer is failing. The laser is slowly dying, which makes my life at work very, very difficult. (One benefit is that I always smile when I talk about the laser because I think of Dr. Evil’s sharks with laser beams attached.) So this weekend I decided to take a break from trying to solve the broken laser problem (*smile*) and work on my writing in the library. Honestly spending such a nice weekend locked away in front of my laptop with a pile of books next to me didn’t sound very good either, so on Friday morning when I got a surprised text from my sister Heather stating that she was coming down to visit for the weekend with her boyfriend Matt, I was excited!

After work I went over to Emily’s place and helped her make dinner for everyone. When Heather and Matt arrived along with Emily’s boyfriend Scott, we sat around and ate and gossiped until 1am (some things never change). I did get some work done as Heather and Matt went to LA on Saturday to hang out at a skate park. Sunday afternoon we all met up for lunch at the Natural Café (yep it is becoming a regular place for us), I showed Scott, Heather, and Matt the cows at the Dairy, and then we played Life Twists and Turns. After two rounds we are all now obsessed with this game, and are going ensure it’s at our parents’ home before Christmas so we can play it straight for 4 days!

Next plan for the sisters and significant others - Veteran's Day weekend in So. Cal with Rachel & Nik exploring the Getty Museum!


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