Monday, April 21, 2008

Gossip Girl Here

From a previous post, you know my guilty pleasure of watching trashy, girly TV. A good friend (who use to work with me and shared in my passion) and I would discuss the previous nights dirt everyday while we worked in the lab. It would just make the time fly by and I do really miss our discussions! Thinking back, I watched and discussed Rich Girls (remember that show?), Gilmore Girls, Laguna Beach (not the last season - boring!), My Super Sweet 16, and The Hills (I'm quickly losing interest - Heidi and Spencer are totally fake and lame) to name a few. And my newest guilty pleasure ... Gossip Girl! Ben says it melts your brain (which he said about all the other shows as well) but I can't help it - I love the show (the clothes ... the lifestyle ... everything!). TiVo was great to me and recorded all the episodes while I was in Europe, so I am all caught up on the drama and excited for the new season!

So if you want to melt your brain with me, the start of the new season is tonight on the CW network at 8pm PST! XOXO Andrea

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