Sunday, September 14, 2008

Friends, Food, & Wine

I just finished cleaning up from the little get together we had last night (currently Ben is golfing). Ben and I invited a few friends over for some BBQ and drinks (though we did eat inside since it has become quite cold at night). We had the typical food - yummy appetizers, good BBQ tri-tip and chicken, big veggie salad, and warm cornbread with honey butter (now I am hungry and glad we have leftovers for dinner!). I can't say anything about Ben and Jesse's scotch tasting (didn't try since I'm not a fan), but I did enjoy the wine. One couple has actually made their own wine (unfortunately not available for purchase) and we got to enjoy their 2006 Cabernet Sauvignon. I thought it was great and was really impressed. I am definitely looking forward to when the wine is available for purchase. The wine expert voted for a wine (1998 Zinfandel from Pesenti Winery) we received in a gift basket many years ago that we figured wouldn't be very good. We were pleasantly surprised that it too was a good wine.

Basically we just ate, drank, and talked, which makes for a nice evening.


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