Monday, September 01, 2008

Phase 1 Done

This phase required removal of the lawn, removal of the old railroad ties, adding the walls and properly packing, adding the appropriate sprinkler system and drainage, etc. The most important part, it is finished! The part of the backyard wall Ben has been working on the last two months is complete.
There is still a TON left to do, but it is great to have the first step done.

A few behind the scenes shots. Some plans...

The much needed ramp...

And the guy behind it all...

I did work on this project in the very beginning and here is photographic evidence.
Yeah I am totally wearing shorts to work on my tan. I stopped working on the backyard when we moved into wheelbarrows full of rocks and carrying heavy stones. It just isn't my thing, so I take too many breaks and complain which slows Ben down. Instead of the backyard, I did all of the household chores, which is stereotypical but it works for us!


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