Saturday, November 01, 2008

Great Scot!

Tuesday morning had us up very early since Ben had an afternoon meeting in southern Scotland. They said a storm was coming to northern Scotland, and we were surprised to find snow when we awoke.I wished I snapped some pictures of the gorgeous countryside in a light dusting of snow, but in true fashion, we woke up late and so had no time to stop for pictures.

Southern Scotland didn't have the storm, but it still was very, very cold. During Ben's afternoon meeting, I walked the town of Langholm and enjoyed the picturesque fall colors (which was pretty much all the town had).
Wednesday I woke up with a nasty cold (it had been slowly building for a few days), but I did drag myself out of bed to enjoy the city of Edinburgh and toured the castle for the first time while Ben had another day of meetings.
I even took one of the famous "Underground and Ghost Tours" in the evening, especially fun being only two days before Halloween (Edinburgh is famous for its hauntings, graveyards, and history of killing witches).
Since Ben had a meeting in northern Scotland on Friday, we drove back up to Aberdeen on Thursday. While he was in the office, I drove down to Stonehaven and saw Dunnottar Castle. It was a stormy day on the coast, but when I arrived the rain had stopped and it was just overcast. Unfortunately when I got into the ruins it began to hail, very hard. I took cover in the ruins and just waited for it to finish. I figure I got to experience authentic Scotland weather!
Ben has the weekend free so I think we are going to make our way west and do some exploring together!


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