Monday, May 18, 2009

My Day

This morning I searched every lab for the plastic wrap. Twice! In my head I was thinking "Great, now we are hiding the plastic wrap!", then during the second furious search "Seriously, no one bothered to replace it when it ran out!". In frustration I just wrapped my gels in tin foil. Minutes ago I just saw the GIANT box of plastic wrap sitting right next to where I was working. It was there the whole time. I had to laugh.

Over GoogleTalk this afternoon, Ben decided to run a new security question by me: What did Andrea hide under the bed at Die Swaene?
I laughed. I almost choked on my water. The randomness! Perfect security question! (Get me alone and I'll tell you the answer, plus a totally funny story!)

Sadly, the recap of my very exciting Drinks, Dancing, and Bikes Part II will have to wait. Since it was a million degrees yesterday (aka so-hot-we-couldn't-move-off-the-couch), our typical Sunday afternoon did not happen. Ben did some laptop work and I brushed the cat while the Half-Ton Boy was on TLC (yes our life is THAT exciting). So I need to fit laundry, ironing, meal planning, grocery shopping, and cookie baking all before the season finale of Gossip Girl tonight (and no I will not multitask during Gossip Girl).


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