Friday, October 19, 2007

The Emotional (Wedding) Rollercoaster

It was one of those days...

Driving to work yesterday, I got pulled over by a cop for running a stop sign (I did a “Hollywood Stop”) and he mentioned speeding (not really sure on that one...). Luckily he only gave me a very stern lecture and warning (whew!).

I settle into work and check my email and see one from Ben with the words “Uh-Oh...” and my heart immediately sank. It was from one of the venues in Scotland that we were considering and they were informing us they had become booked up. I frantically began to email our last remaining location, Ben starts searching any locations as a desperate Plan B, and because of the time difference I stay in frantic mode all day just wondering. Luckily this morning, many of Ben’s locations responded back with availability and our last selected venue looks open (although it is still kinda iffy, we will get the final conformation on Monday).

This is all coming off of the complete and total high I had on Wednesday after finding “the dress”, which I then immediately ordered yesterday afternoon as I figured it would be just my luck that it would become unavailable as well. I am crossing my fingers that my mom and sister love it as much as I do when they get to see it for the first time tomorrow afternoon!

The pieces are very quickly coming together and I am focused on staying positive - that after Monday afternoon it will just be the easy little things!


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