Monday, November 26, 2007


Like before, Mexico was amazing!!! Ben and I, along with his parents, enjoyed celebrating Thanksgiving by relaxing (definitely much needed)! The trip highlights include:

  • A gorgeous view of the harbor from our room.
  • Lounging on the beach under a palapya catching up on some reading and working on our tans.
  • Enjoying the warm ocean water with a few swims and walks along the beach.
  • (Again my favorite) - "Super" guacamole and totopos served on the beach for lunch.
  • A good driving range and an amazing spa with relaxing massages.
  • Walking along the Malécon admiring the sculptures.
  • Lunch on the river and dinner on the beach in town.
  • Successful shopping -- beautiful black clay pot.
The weather was great and I was so happy while I was there. It was hard to leave, especially to the drastically colder weather we are having! Enjoy the pictures and think warm thoughts with me!


At 9:15 AM, Blogger Jesse Englert said...

What an odd statue. Hopefully it snows in Tahoe before New Years or else you can continue to work on our tan by the lake! I think we need to do a snow dance :-)

At 5:52 PM, Blogger Andrea said...

Yeah the Malécon was full of these statues.
I think I am over working on my tan and want the snow, so I am starting the snow dance ASAP!

BTW - how was your Thanksgiving?


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