Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Hello Moto

Much to Ben's joy, I finally did it - I got a new cell phone! The old Motorola v60 I had for 4.5 years was not holding a charge for very long and recently was not charging at all, so I decided if I waited any longer I would risk having no cell phone coverage. As much as I love the iPhone, I could not justify it's high cost and expensive data plan (I really don't need to check my email all the time) so I decided to just get a regular old phone. The Motorola W385 fit my needs perfectly and got good reviews, so I was convinced and went down to Verizon after work yesterday to pick one up. I am excited to join the land of color screens and cameras. The best part is with the 2 year contract renewal price, my $100 new phone credit, and their $50 rebate, the phone is FREE!


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