Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Moms Just Know

Right after Ben and I returned to the US from the trip where we got engaged, I called my parents to let them know we had made it back safe and sound (they already knew about the engagement, we called them from Belgium). After I inform my mom that we were in the car and about to start our 4 hour drive home (keep in mind we had come from Abu Dhabi, UAE via Doha, Qatar and London and so had been traveling for 30+ hours), she starts to ask questions about wedding plans!

Mom: “What colors do you think you will have?”
Me: “Um… I don’t know Mom. It doesn't really matter...we can figure that all out later. I am really tired.”
Mom: “I think you should have purple. It is your favorite color.”
Me: “Um... (picturing light lavender)… I don’t think purple (Ben shaking his head no)...”
Mom: “Oh….”

Well my mom was a trend setter as it appears that purple is looking to be THE color of the season. And I have to admit she was right, Ben and I like the look of deep, dark purple so it is a possible wedding color (my bouquet perhaps?). What can I say, Moms just know!


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