Thursday, March 05, 2009

Joining the Dark Side

I joined Facebook back when they required a .edu email address for registration (circa 2005), but I never really used it. The few friends I knew on there I saw on a regular basis, so I didn't really need it to be kept in the loop of their lives. Now with so many people joining (including a ton of old long-lost high school friends), I find myself on it so much more - status updates, wall posts, and chatting (and maybe occasionally throwing water balloons and poking people!).

But with my friends quickly expanding to distant family, long-lost friends, co-workers, and former employees, I need to make sure I can control the information everyone sees. I try to be very careful with what is posted on the internet, but I am so happy with the creation of Friend Lists. I am still going to be careful, but this should help a lot.

Some tips on Facebook privacy and safety can be found here and here.


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