Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Made it to a Year!

Happy 1st Birthday to the blog! It's fun to look back to last February and remember the Lab Olympics, being tagged with the cat lover sticker, first Valentine's Day with Ben out-of-town, and Frakenbath.

Also, the crazy month of February 2006 had me complaining about a TRF project, which ironically has started up again and I am looking forward to working on it this year (eliminating the contamination last summer made a HUGE difference on my outlook). I am also surprised that I am excited and interested in attending the Dry Dairy Ingredients conference this year (maybe that has something to do with this years' location...SF)! It is amazing that a year can change your outlook so much.

Oh, and I watched The Bachelor!?!? What was I thinking!?!?


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