Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Singing in the rain...

Be careful what you wish for!

Usually I would be singing as I do LOVE the pouring rain (and especially since we need it so badly right now), but sadly I am not as I did not read the weather report last night and therefore am ill prepared in my light sweater, capris and flip flops. Normally I would just stay inside and go straight home after work, but work requires me to attend a wine & cheese reception and I have plans with a friend to attend the Fremont Classic Movie Night - both events are VERY far from parking, so I'll be chanting "please don't fall" silently to myself as I dodge puddles! On the bright side, I always keep an umbrella in the car!

Monday, March 12, 2007

Spring is Here?

I had lunch with S at Novo today and enjoyed their very good Salmon Bisque on the patio by the creek. I love the wonderful weather we are having, but I don't want to give up winter quite yet.

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Random Things About Me

Since I am now a year older, here are some random things about myself you might not have known!

  • I strongly dislike poultry and fruit in all forms, so I avoid eating them if possible.
  • I also dislike running, but do enjoy walking and hiking.
  • I’m a HUGE history fan and can remember having fun dinner table discussions with my dad (another history fan). When I hated animal nutrition my freshman year, history almost became my new college major. I wonder what I would be doing now if I did switch…?
  • I had a very bad habit in college of accepting stray pets (rat, guinea pig, rabbit, and a cat) and giving them to my parents. Luckily for them, stray pets no longer seem to find me.
  • I have a HUGE fear of spiders, sharks, and flying, though I have mostly gotten over the latter…

Monday, March 05, 2007


What else can I say but a very, VERY fun weekend! The town was very cute and the resort was amazing! Our hotel was right at the base of the mountain so we just woke up in the morning and got on the gondola. There was so much to do that we never got bored. The runs were much tougher then either of us expected - usually I can do some easy blues but here I felt the advanced greens were pretty tough. After a day of ski school, I am starting to perfect my parallel turns and Ben looks like such a pro! I must say that Ben is so wonderful to give me such a perfect birthday present!

Now I need to start thinking - what should I do for his birthday in October....?

Friday, March 02, 2007

Birthday Surprise!

After traveling over 2000 miles via car in the last two weeks, I am quite happy to get on a plane...especially when it is taking me to a surprise birthday ski weekend in Whistler courtesy of Ben!